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The desire for money is an intensely emotional subject.  For every major lottery game played, millions of people are emotionally invested.  Their emotions send out vibrational signals that are focused on those lottery numbers waiting to be played.  The numbers themselves are attached to physical objects — the lottery balls — and thus they have a vibrational signal of their own. Every physical object has its own unique energy pattern, expressed as a vibrational signal. This is true of animate and inanimate objects, whether a person, an animal, a rock or a feather.

Through the mysterious forces of energy, every single lottery ball generates its own individual signal on whether it will or will not be drawn in any particular game.  If it will be drawn, its signal intensifies and is transmitted outward, just like a radio wave is transmitted.  When you get that “feeling” about a number, you’re actually picking up on that signal through your subconscious.  If you are receptive enough, if you are paying attention to the voice of your subconscious, that’s when you are listening to your intuition.

Vibrational signals act just like radar:

    • The signal is transmitted from a physical object (or a thought);
    • The signal gets picked up by someone who is receptive to it;
    • The meaning of the signal is interpreted;
    • The signal is either accepted by the conscious mind as true, or rejected as false.

Intuition lies dormant in many people, usually adults, but it’s always there to be tapped into, even for playing the lottery. There is nothing logical about choosing lottery numbers. The numbers do not follow any rules. They have their own patterns and their own vibrations that change in direct relationship to every single game. You need to bypass the part of your mind that tries to talk you into doing everything logically. (The logical mind is sometimes called the monkey mind, because it never stops telling you what you should be doing.) When you pick your lottery numbers, tune into the voice of your natural intuition. No matter how much your logical mind may tell you that it’s wrong to pick a certain number, if your intuition is telling you otherwise, then Trust Your Intuition.