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Lottery Intuition Raven Deck

For multi-number lottery games, with or without a bonus number. Use this deck to play games such as Mega Millions, Megabucks, EuroMillions, Hot Lotto, Super Lotto, Fantasy 5, Lucky Lines, and many more.

This deck contains 59 cards, numbered 1 through 59. All cards are standard poker size, 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″.



Raven Cards from the 59-card Deck

The Powerful Raven

The Raven, a mysterious and fascinating bird, is renowned in mythology and legend as a symbol of divination.

The ancient Greeks chose the Raven to symbolize Apollo in his role as a god of prophecy. Some mythological tales depict the Raven as Apollo’s talisman, representing protection, magical powers, and the hand of fate moving in one’s favor.

Both the Greeks and Romans used augury, the ancient art of divination by observing birds. These ancient augurs divined messages based on the color of the bird and the direction in which it flew. It was considered a harbinger of good fortune to see a Raven flying in from the east or south. When using this deck, face east or south if you feel an affinity for either direction.

Some Native American tribes portray the Raven as a symbol of transformation. Other tribes attribute to the Raven everything from creating the world to the gift of sunlight.

Rather than a mischievous creature or omen of bad tidings as depicted in some wayward folklore and stories, we honor the majestic and intelligent Raven as an iconic symbol of prophecy and auspicious tidings.

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Raven Deck and Velour Carrying Pouch




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