I’ll admit it, I’m directionally challenged.  Reading a map doesn’t always help me to figure out how to get to where I want to be.  This is why I value the GPS.  Just program your destination, and it tells you how to get there.  It isn’t perfect.  A couple years ago, it directed me to get home by what it calculated was the shortest route.   It didn’t take the weather and the elevation into account.  I ended up in a snowstorm on one of the most tortuous roads in eastern Oregon, instead of the longer but safer highway route at a lower elevation.  Fortunately, despite being unable to see more than 10 feet in front of me the entire two hours,  I was able to navigate by watching the progress of the magenta line on the GPS screen.  This is definitely not a recommended way to drive.  Nevertheless, the GPS magenta line was true in its display of winding twists and turns, and I made it safely home.

Since the invention of the GPS, it has been used as an analogy to illustrate that people need to follow their own guidance systems.  Esther Hicks, who channels a group of entities known as Abraham,  has often mentioned that we all have an emotional guidance system and likens it to the GPS.   I prefer the GPS analogy as proposed by Bill Bennett of PGS Intuitive.   He likens the GPS navigational system to intuition and calls it a Personal Guidance System (PGS).   Everyone has intuition, nobody gets shortchanged in this department while on Earth, but some people seem more naturally attuned to listen to their PGS than others.  Other people pay very little attention until a life-changing event takes place.

Bill Bennett experienced such a life-changing event.  In his own words, “Several years ago, I should have died, if not for a flash of intuition.  I was driving early one morning, the streets were empty, yet as I approached an intersection a voice inside me told me to slow down.  I did, and a truck ran the red on the cross road.  If I hadn’t listened to that voice, I’d have been killed.  Ever since, I’ve wanted to know what was it that saved my life.”  Read the full story here.

I had a very similar experience many years ago.  It was around 10 a.m. on a beautiful day.  I was waiting for the light to turn green at the intersection of a country road and a highway.  There seldom was much traffic in this remote locale, and on this particular day there appeared no traffic at all.  My light turned green, but I hesitated, for no apparent reason whatsoever.  Within three seconds, a tractor-trailer came blazing over the hill and sped through the red light.  I sat there, stunned by the thought of what might have happened if I had followed my usual reaction and pulled out when my light turned green, thinking the way was clear.

Unlike Mr. Bennett, I didn’t hear an inner voice.  I simply felt compelled to stay where I was.  Because I had experienced intuitive flashes before, this particular experience didn’t strike me as anything extraordinary other than it was a very close call.

However, ever since reading Mr. Bennett’s account, I’ve thought about what happened all those years ago .  For most of my life, like most people, I’ve always considered intuition to be within the realm of the sixth sense, the arena where paranormal  experiences are encountered.  But what if intuition has another dimension?  What if intuition really does operate like a GPS, a highly enhanced GPS equipped with the ability to sense energy fields of everything around us, including objects and people beyond the grasp of our five senses.  This would explain why Mr. Bennett heard an insistent voice telling him to slow down.  His intuition, his PGS, had an objective broad overview that he simply could not perceive with his limited physical sensory input.

I have a theory about the PGS and will summarize it as best I can:

Everything that is in physical form has an energy field.  If you can’t accept that, stop reading, because my entire theory is based on that principle.  This energy field that surrounds all living beings is sometimes referred to as an aura, or an etheric field.  “Etheric” derives  from the Latin word “aether,” meaning “the upper air, pure air.”  I believe this energy field  is simply a natural consequence of having physical form; that is, the energy field itself is not composed of matter but is connected to matter.  Taking the concept further, I believe that every individual energy field is part of an all-encompassing energy matrix.  This matrix is referred to as — no surprise — “The Field.”   For more information on this phenomenon, an excellent resource is Lynne McTaggarts’s book, The Field.    Every energy field emits a distinct vibrational signal.

Now, imagine The Field as a metaphysical satellite that is in constant contact with the energy fields of everything on Earth.  It operates similar to a GPS satellite that receives and sends navigational signals.  This metaphysical satellite, by virtue of its quantum nature, is aware of everything simultaneously.  Let’s call this satellite “MPS.”

As Mr. Bennett approaches the intersection, his energy field and the energy field of his vehicle are sending unique vibrational signals to MPS.  The other driver and his truck are also sending signals.  MPS receives all the signals, calculates the respective paths and interprets them as an imminent collision.  MPS instantaneously broadcasts its interpretation.  As the truck driver nears the intersection, the message from MPS is urgent.  It’s a vibrational red flag, but the driver ignores it.  Maybe he’s distracted, or perhaps he simply shrugs it off as having no importance.

Mr. Bennett receives the same signal, but with an added intensity, as he would be on the deadlier side of the collision.  His PGS is so amplified at this point by the emergent nature of the situation that it actually “speaks” to him, just like a car’s GPS “speaks.”  It emphatically tells him to slow down.

Mr. Bennett’s PGS chose the most direct and non-ambiguous method of warning him.  If he had been out walking somewhere and about to encounter a dangerous situation, his PGS would likely have given him a warning message by causing the hair on the back of his neck to stand up, an involuntary shiver down his spine, or an uncomfortable feeling in his gut.  These are well-recognized signals by any human being that something in the environment is amiss and to get away post-haste.

Because your Personal Guidance System is an intrinsic part of your body and mind, it is capable of generating all sorts of physical sensations to get its point across, even going so far as to create a familiar trusted voice giving direction rather than your own inner voice, and the sensation of a hand on your shoulder pulling you back.   A chilling example of this is the story of Nita Neary and her encounter with the notorious psychopath Ted Bundy.    I believe her PGS reached her by creating her father’s voice to warn her.  Otherwise, like many people, she might have talked herself out of listening to her own inner voice, telling herself she was “being silly,” or that logically she shouldn’t do what she was being directed to do.  In his book, The Gift of Fear, author Gavin de Becker describes meticulously why we should listen to that inner voice.

Mr. Bennett’s intuition was not foreseeing the future in the same way that we usually think of how a psychic predicts the future.   Instead, his Personal Guidance System was functioning perfectly in how it reacted to the signals from MPS.  If he had been on the phone, or focused on an emotional issue in his life, the signals might never have risen to the level where he could hear the instruction to slow down.   Mr. Bennett has contributed extensively to the world in the fields of journalism and filmmaking, winning numerous international awards.  We can all be thankful that, on that fateful day, he was receptive to the signals, he tuned in and listened, and, most important of all, he trusted what he heard.