On Saturday, July 8, Powerball announced that beginning in October the game will be played with 69 cards. The Moon, Ajna Chakra, Raven and Sun decks will no longer work with Powerball games, but they can still be used for any game that is played with 59 cards or less.

It will be much more difficult to win the Powerball jackpot. The chances of winning will change from 1 in 175.22 million to 1 in 292.2 million.

Powerball changes October 2015

With the additonal 10 numbers in the game, and without the Lottery Intuition cards, it can be a bit overwhelming to stay focused when using your intuition. Don’t let that hold you back. Keep letting that intuitive energy flow! Maybe it’s time to start playing more Megabucks.


Image of Lottery Intuition Card Deck Designs with zen stones in blue water

Lottery Intuition Cards are a focusing mechanism to help you tune into your natural intuition and pick winning numbers.  They are based on the principle of divination, the reading of vibrational signals from a physical object.

The colors of these Lottery Intuition Cards and their elements of design have been carefully chosen to open the channels of intuition.  All face cards feature a large number in a center circle of white.  This reinforces the metaphysical energy of the card, and will help you to stay focused on each individual number.

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 Trust Your Intuition!  

If you’ve ever had an intuitive flash, or sensed something would happen before it did, you are already in touch with your intuition. If you get a feeling about certain numbers when you play the lottery, then Lottery Intuition Cards are meant for you.

In the U.S. alone, lottery players spend more than 50 Billion Dollars every year on lotto game tickets.  Each ticket represents a wish, a hope, a dream that somebody wants fulfilled in their life.  Some people choose the “Quick Pick” tickets, hand over their money, and hope that a machine will generate the winning ticket.  Other people use birthdays and other significant dates to fill in their numbers.

Now there’s a better way to play!

If you’re lucky enough to be aware of your intuition, you’ve probably been playing by choosing numbers based on what “feels right” to you.  Maybe you get close to that big win, but you’re not quite there.  Lottery Intuition Cards can close that gap.  They are designed with  just the right elements and colors to help you focus and let your intuition flow.

Imagine yourself winning the lottery!

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Tarot and crystals - canstockphoto
If you have ever used tarot cards, or had a reading done, then you already understand how Lottery Intuition Cards work.  Psychokinesis, clairvoyance, pendulums, runes, crystals, scrying, dowsing, all divination methods operate through vibrational signals.

The underlying principle of Lottery Intuition Cards is very similar to the Law of Attraction.  That is, everything is made of energy.  This energy sends out vibrational signals.  Those signals intensify when something of great importance is about to happen.  That’s why many people can sense when something is about to go wrong, because the signals actually precede the event.  When the event has a lot of emotion attached to it, the signals become stronger.

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We are pleased to offer you these beautiful Lottery Intuition Cards:

  • Moon Deck – 59 Cards for multi-number lottery games, with or without a bonus number
  • Raven Deck – 59 Cards for multi-number lottery games, with or without a bonus number
  • Ajna Chakra Deck – 59 Cards for multi-number lottery games, with or without a bonus number
  • Sun Deck – 59 Cards for multi-number lottery games, with or without a bonus number
  • Celtic Cross Deck – 40 cards (four unique sets of 10 cards), for Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games
  • Good Fortune Deck – 40 cards (four unique sets of 10 cards), for Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games


Moon Deck Design - Lottery Intuition

Moon Deck

Raven Deck Design - Lottery Intuition

Raven Deck

Ajna Chakra Deck Design - Lottery Intuition

Ajna Chakra Deck

Sun Deck Design - Lottery Intuition

Sun Deck

Celtic Cross Deck Design - Lottery Intuition

Celtic Cross Deck

Good Fortune Deck Design - Lottery Intuition

Good Fortune Deck

For over five years, we experimented with different design elements and colors.  Hundreds of images and color combinations were tested and discarded.  We believe the current designs and colors are ideal for enhancing intuition.

In our commitment to honor the Earth, we chose a printer in the United States with a “clean and green” work ethic to manufacture the cards. These cards are high quality, with a very nice finish and weight.  They feel comfortable in your hand and are easy to handle.

Visit the individual pages to learn more about each deck and the story behind the design.  We hope you will discover that one of these Lottery Intuition decks will resonate with your intuition.  It is our sincere wish that these Lottery Intuition Cards will help you to fulfill your dream of winning the lottery, and to live your life to its fullest potential.